#SYFTalk Season 01 Episode 02: aamar Pay – Startup Youth Forum

#SYFTalk Season 01 Episode 02: aamar Pay

Startup Youth Forum is going to introduce its second episode of SYF Talk in coming week. This episode will feature on A M Ishtiaq Sarwar, Co-Founder of “Muthofun” and “aamarPay”

aamarPay is an Online Payment Gateway & Merchant Service Provider of Bangladesh. Aiming to provide best payment experience that an e-store or customer can expect from a payment processor company. They aim to provide best possible eCommerce payment experience that a merchant should have from payment gateway service provider. aamarPay is a joint venture initiative of Soft Tech Innovation Ltd and a UK based company.

MUTHOFUN is one of the fastest growing mobile messaging & content provider since 2008 6th March. MUTHOFUN is the sister concern under Soft Tech Innovation Ltd. Since its launch in 2008, MUTHOFUN has always strived to become one of the pioneers in the mobile messaging & value added industry in Bangladesh We have been working with several local organizations including business and educational organization for serving their Mobile content related services including Push Pull & Subscription based service.

According to BB, Bangladesh is experiencing around 8 lakh electrical transections per month and it’s increasing with high level of growth.  In the same the VAS market is getting bigger each year although, 60% of that market is been controlled by foreigners.  Currently Bangladesh has one of fastest growing market on SMS and Payment Gateway industry. The overall market sizes of these industries are around BDT 750 crore. Based on current market trend it is assuming that, Bangladesh will see around 30-40% market growth up to next couple of years in these industries.

Muthofun and aamarPay, both of these organizations are having such opportunity to expand their business in Bangladesh market. In the upcoming SYF Talk show, Mr. A M Ishtiaq Sarwar will introduce us the details of these markets as well as the difficulties they have been faced to establish this business in this market and how they overcome that.

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