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Startup Youth Forum Introduces SYF Talk

Startup Youth Forum is a platform of entrepreneurs. The objective of this initiative is to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in the mind of general people. SYF aims to establish new concept of different types of businesses through the active participation of all members. This forum is the hub where entrepreneurs can find all the industry expert’s opinions about business establishment and development.

Startup Youth Forum introduces SYF Talk, a talk show with industry experts and new entrepreneurs. SYF team will talk with the participants to discover on what helps them to explore the thrust of entrepreneurship. The purpose of this talk show is to make sure that entrepreneurs find the clear overview on uncertainty of different industries and also discover proper solution to overcome such hurdle. The first season of SYF Talk starts from January 10, 2017.

The participants of first part of first season’s SYF Talk are, A M Ishtiaque Sarwar, Co-Founder of AAMARPAY; Adnan Imtiaz Halim, CEO of SHEBA XYZ and Anisul Haq, Co-Founder of Banglar Gonji. In a special edition of this of this SYF Talk session it covers Solaiman Shukhon, Head of Marketing at Aamra Networks Limited.

AAMARPAY is an Online Payment Gateway & Merchant Service Provider of Bangladesh. Aiming to provide best payment experience that an estore or customer can expect from a payment processor company. SHEBA.XYZ is the largest virtual marketplace in Bangladesh that connects households and businesses with the best service providers in the country. Banglar Gonji is an online t-shirt selling platform. It aims to portrait Bengali culture and language through its unique design of t-shirts and others.

Solaiman Shukhon is a market expert with the experience on working as a top level executive in different renounced organizations. He is well known for his motivational speeches and studying different industries thoroughly. He is one of most popular identity of Bangladesh’s youth.

Startup Youth Forum (SYF) is working to develop a proper learning environment for all young people who wants to run a new business. It would love to help them by providing information in every steps to run a new company starting from documentation, business planning and launch campaign.

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