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7 reasons why corporates need a blogging platform

Not all blogs are open to the general public. There are also internal blogs, i.e. corporate blogs aimed at the employees of an organization/company. Many corporations and other organizations now use social networking platforms as their corporate intranet. This is a very good way to introduce company culture to employees.

7 reasons why we need a blogging platform:

• Competitive insights
– Internal blogging is a great way to stay on top of the market. More than just news feeds; organizations can capture hearings from customers and prospects and share it with the management. This could be notes from a sales call, rumors, predictions, interesting public blog posts or news. Lot of cool RSS feeds inside Clear space which pulls public news inside the company to give visibility for conversations currently going on about competitors.

• Project updates
– Internal blog could be used to update status and nature of different project initiatives. In any organization lots of project can be running and communicating these to proper audience is hassle. Internal blog can solve this troublesome work very easily though providing periodic updates to right audience through access control.

• Idea generation
– To create a healthy platform and engage employees more into our business, an internal blog system can encourage sharing ideas, feedback regarding different steps and practices within the organization. It can also provide important ideas and market knowledge to help management for preparing strategies.

• Platform to create conversation with Management Team
– It is very important for any Management to gain confidence from their team. Blog can be a great tool to get engage with the team in every layer of the operation. Employees who are not in the corporate office can use this platform to start conversation with their MGT Team as well.

• Organizational openness and accountability
– Blogs can encourage open information, communication and debate without alienating certain people or encouraging bickering between colleagues before an e-mail thread is escalated to the boss.

• Information archiving and searching
– When someone leaves, odds are the e-mail account becomes dissolved and all the valuable information that lived in that person’s account disappears into a data. So if it’s in a blog, it doesn’t disappear when that person leaves.

– As Blog will be open forum for employees, anyone can ask and increase their knowledge base regarding business and functions. This will also help to prepare a knowledgeable force which is a must for any organization to achieve goals.

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